Outdoor portable folding moon chair

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  • Open Dimension: 94x 104 x 90 cm
  • Main Tube: 19mm
  • Pieces Per Case: 2pcs
  • Gross Weight Per Case: 15kg
  • 40' Loading Quantity: 560pcs
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    Moon chair is a casual chair based on the healthy design of human science and studies. This chair is very comfortable. Its chair is large. People sit on the chair, which can be surrounded by the entire body of the person. There is a chair. The feeling of hug. The moon chair is made from high -quality high -end fabrics. The fabric texture is soft and comfortable, and its breathability is good. Its color is colorful and diverse, which can fully meet people's aesthetic standards. And it can be a folding chair that can be folded. Its folding method is simple. It does not take up space after folding, and it can be carried at any time. The filling substances in the moon chair are all PP cotton, which is very full, and the rebound ability is super good. It is super soft and it is not easy to deform. Its material itself also has the characteristics of moisture -proof, shockproof, insulation, and good plasticity. This gives more features to the moon chair.Moon chair is a new type of casual chair. It can be taken with it when traveling. It not only has many advantages of the above, but also a new type of chair made of modernization. This chair is completely non -formaldehyde, environmental protection and safety In this way, few things can be environmentally friendly and safe, and the moon chair has done it. Its bracket is not only safe and firm, but also made of non -toxic materials.

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